Reviews About Electronic Cigarette Brands!

Thanks to the progression of technology which includes led to the invention of e-cigs. Today, increasing numbers of people are switching from your cigarette pack to tech-cigarette called e-cigarette. It leaves no ash on the ashtrays, no ash on the eyes while driving, no nasty taste in the mouth, no smell no tar. Most of all, smoking is not harmful anymore. Because of its novelty and health improvements, an e-cigarette is more popular in the social media, social networking and best e-cigarette forum.
  The electronic cigarette starter kit that I purchased (the Blu e-cig) cost $59.95 and contained two batteries, two atomizers, a charger pack, one electric wall adapter, one USB cigarette charger adapter, and 25 cartridges of mixed flavors. The first thing you are doing with an ecigarette starter kit would be to charge up the charger pack, you then use the charger pack to charge up it in the e-cigarette. You can also charge up the electronic cigarettes by using the USB adapter and connect these to your computer to charge up. Once the electronic cigarette is fully charged, it’s time to smoke!

  Final thoughts on the e-cig: While e-cigarettes are not as satisfying because the real thing, I believe they’re able to help a smoker for example myself at the very least cut down on the amount of real cigarettes smoked every day. My personal goal is always to quit smoking cigarettes totally and hopefully over time the ecigarette can help me do that. Electronic cigarettes are NOT for the children or for non-smokers — they may be intended for cigarette smokers who want to quit but they are having a problem doing so and want a healthier alternative — a crutch, as it were. I give the ecigarette a rating of 3 out of 5, that is certainly good enough for me to recommend the electronic cigarette to cigarette smokers who want to quit.

  Now before I begin my review, I am going to get honest on why I chose Blu e-cigarettes over the other sorts of brands available on the market. First selling factor was aesthetics. Yes, the structure was aesthetically pleasing to me. Yes, it absolutely was a selling point. Secondly was the price and the different parts of the basic starter kit. When compared to Green Smoke, Instead, or NJOY, the basic starter kit offered by the Blu brand is bar none. Most e-cigarette companies offer 1 battery, 1 atomizer, and 1 charger inside their starter kits. Blu e-cigarettes offer 2 batteries, 2 atomizer, 3 charging options, and 25 cartridges. Pretty impressive… but think about the performance in the Blu e-cigarette?

Now, discussing vapor jacket, it’s introduced by the White Cloud e-cigarette. It is in several styles and prints like, colorful flowers around the black body, smiling cats, clouds in blue and white, funky monsters and several such textures. Electronic cigarette review demonstrates these are an easy task to be applied as well as in utility at the same time. Its pack contain seven different skins and is also of price $4. So, this accessory has added a style to the smokeless cigarette which means you can personalize them. There are numerous funky designs or prints that may be added to these cigarettes as a way to add stylish sensation combined with the enhanced smoking experience.

SmokeTastic may be the leader in electronic cigarette reviews, and therefore probably is the best option for you to buy electronic cigarettes online. Electronic Cigarettes Inc.USA manufactures the highest quality E cigarettes in entire USA and offers it products in a variety of ranges. You can not only buy electric cigarettes in a number of packs from but also exciting e-cigarette kits. For people who are yet to acquire introduced to e cigarette, offers exciting starter kits that have rechargeable battery, an assortment recharger, cartridges of ejuice with flavor options to select from, an atomizer along with a pack of disposable electronic cigarettes. You need to buy the starter kit just once to acquire the atomizer and then you can continue enjoy smoking by purchasing eliquid cartridges. Electronic Cigarettes Inc. USA offers electric cigarettes of 2 types, one may be the Starter Kit that costs $54.95 and Ultimate Kit that costs $145. There are again two variants for the Starter Kit-one battery kit and 2 battery kit.